Organisations nationally and globally are focussed on addressing pay equity (the same pay for like for like roles) and the gender pay gap (the gap between the median pay of men and the median pay of women across all roles in an organisation). Addressing this is one of the key elements to making workplaces more diverse and inclusive. At Deloitte, tackling the gender pay gap with our clients aligns with Deloitte’s commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals, and in particular Goal 5: Gender Equality, as well as our focus on making a meaningful contribution to New Zealand’s social and economic development. Understanding the drivers behind gender pay gaps in different workforces means that organisations can focus on the systemic factors that will drive sustainable change.

Most recently Deloitte supported Westpac New Zealand by developing a report that outlines the approach to understand the gender gap, including the key drivers, and how to address it. The Deloitte report, ‘Bridging the Gap: Westpac workplace gender pay report’ covers what the gender pay gap is, why it is important, the underlying causes and leading practices New Zealand organisations can learn from. The report can be accessed here.

This report has been published alongside Westpac’s report which voluntarily publishes Westpac’s internal findings, which uncovered a 30% gender pay gap, and the plans they have to address it. You can read their full analysis on their website

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