The Impact Summit is designed for young people who want to develop on a personal level, learn tips and tricks for making an impact and network with like-minded, community focused individuals. Many of the attendees are students but they are joined by business leaders, young professionals and other interested people from around New Zealand. In its second year, the Summit is hosted by the University of Canterbury Centre for Entrepreneurship and builds on a week of workshops, seminars and events with the central theme being to transform Ōtautahi Christchurch into the impact capital of the world.

This year, Deloitte had the privilege of attending the summit on the 21st September 2019 and hosting one of the workshops. It was designed so budding entrepreneurs with new ideas could chat one-on-one with our panel of young consultants to receive guidance on where to take their idea next. We were blown away at the sophistication of ideas presented and the passion of the students behind them. It was also amazing to see the number of young business owners present both in the workshop and at the Summit itself who were passionate about using entrepreneurship to address some of society’s biggest challenges.

Sitting in the crowd for the keynote speakers was an opportunity to take stock of some of the incredible social enterprises that have come out of Ōtautahi Christchurch in recent years. It’s great to see the University of Canterbury providing an excellent platform for success, recognising that often the most successful organisations are ones where positive impact on society is central to the organisation’s kaupapa.

Listen to some of the talks from the day’s speakers on the Seeds Podcast here.

Impact summit image taken by Erica Austin from Peanut Productions.

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