Amazon Web Services (AWS) are growing and expanding their offerings at a rapid pace. As Deloitte New Zealand is an AWS Advanced Partner, we are fortunate to have two of our very own AWS Partner Network Global Ambassadors. This means we get early exposure to the cool new toys and exciting new services, often before they are announced. We help our customers adopt these new services and use them to enhance their businesses.

One of the latest services announced at the AWS re:Invent conference is AWS Transit Gateway - a new way of linking many AWS virtual private clouds (VPCs) and virtual private networks (VPNs) together. This is very exciting. As customers mature on their AWS journeys they encounter new problems; in this case how to connect many services and applications running in different locations, often separated by different access privileges to data. These locations may be other AWS VPCs, or even connections to on-premise data centers.

AWS Transit Gateway makes it quick, simple, and scalable to connect all of these different services together, reducing the time, effort, and expense commonly associated with this type of work.

Deloitte is in the unique position of being ready from day 1 to advise on and implement AWS Transit Gateway in multi-account architectures. You can read about all the oily bits on AWS Transit Gateway — How to get started using the AWS CLI, or reach out to me, as one of our Global APN Ambassadors, for a human voice.

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